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Group show, I will be showing a new body of work.

Reception and catalogue launch: Friday 29 June, 6 – 8.30pm

Exhibition Dates: 16 June-15 July 2018

Blyth Gallery, level 5 Sherfield Building, Imperial College, London, SW7 2AZ

Open daily (9am- 9pm)

Sarah Gillham, Mindy Lee, Susan Sluglett and Paul Westcombe

“The body is often described in art in terms of its objecthood, but as a cultural site linking many disciplines and branches of thought it might be imagined as protean territory that is never ‘done’ and cannot be mapped in a singular fashion. In the connective tissue between the humanities and the sciences are innumerable individual human stories, feeding different forms of study and, down the line, re-informing collective experience. It’s the gristly interstices between the knowledge of what we are (complex biological machines, thinkers, workers, creators, friends, lovers, baby makers) and the experiences that shape who we are, which appear of particular interest to Sarah Gillham, Mindy Lee, Susan Sluglett and Paul Westcombe.” Rebecca Geldard

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